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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

fuck hats! i just can't do them.... hehehe ive started on a green scarf! just what i need! i'm feline much happier now that i'm doing it yay for my greeness scarf! whoooot... here's what it looks like so far... ignore the open mesh trebles!!! i've ripped them out and gone back to the half treble pattern

will update soon :)


At 1:44 AM, Blogger spirals said...

no pattern i just single crocheted around and around increasing when it seemed right.. chaiin 2(red), then first color crochet like 4 in the first chain then connect the second color(black) in furst chain and crochet one there then crochet2 stitches in each of the other color(red) untill you get to the end of the color(red) and go back to that color(red) and crochet around ontop of the other color..(black) you just kinda spiral them out...


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