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im a pixi who enjoys crocheting/reading/writing/piercing/tattoos/children and poems

Saturday, November 19, 2005

back in daggers

its been such a long time but because i've started university i haven't had any time for crochering.... well i've started again today, i went out and bought some 4 ply cotton and am hoping to make a bag out of it from a pattern i saw, i have to admit i love creating... but i always feel no matter how much practice i do.... what i complete is never good enough.

Am also very annoyed, all the wool/thread shops i go to have nothing on crocheting.... if they do its horrendous baby wear that i know children wouldn't be caught dead in. America and overseas have all these amazing funky magazines.... and does australia get them? NO! My goodness we are behind the times.... yes i would order them, but i have no money and any money i do get goes on my transport cost to uni

Monday, July 18, 2005

i've completed the body and attached the head to it... heheheh i feel like a mad scientist... i just can't wait till i can scream 'ITs alive, its aliveeeee!' hahahh you get the point i will have more pics up soon when i can bug my mamma to let me use her digital camera.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

monster madness

well i really wanta cute animal so i decided to have a go at crocheting myself one i really want a rabbit or a cat... the picture isn't too clear *growl* and i used my mumma's digital camera but here is the head of the creature im creating.... i'm just annoyed that you can't see how awesome the colour of the wool is....

i did finish my mum's scarf but she tactifully pointed out that the wool is too scratchy... part of me is like well it is Real wool.... but that's ok i think she is going to give it back to me so maybe ill turn it into some form of bag

Saturday, July 16, 2005

well im more than halfway through doing the green scarf, i've decided i'm going to give it to my mother as she only has one scarf and i have three ;) so i'll even out the balance a bit. i was in st. vinnies the other day and picke up a small plastic bag filled with the pink 8ply classic acrylic wool there is about 110grams worth in there and its neon pink! and it said three dollars on the bag but brigit gave it to me for one buck! what a find :) so the question is what should i make with it?
any ideas or suggestions?

sorry about the blurryness and lack of brightness but i don't have a proper digital camera

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

fuck hats! i just can't do them.... hehehe ive started on a green scarf! just what i need! i'm feline much happier now that i'm doing it yay for my greeness scarf! whoooot... here's what it looks like so far... ignore the open mesh trebles!!! i've ripped them out and gone back to the half treble pattern

will update soon :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

ok well this is the beanie im trying to make... i started it about last month then threw it away in disgust because my hands and wrists were hurting ;) so now im being extra super careful... well trying too....

ill keep trying

i haven't posted here for a while because i have been so sick... i'm still sick but i think my bext project might be a two tone scarf or as i call them airpilot scarf... i'm hopeing to do it in blues and greens.... its getting so cold here and i only have three scarfs and im not too happy with the colours: pink/ purple and a yellow one....
ill have to wait till i get better thoe so i can go wool shopping as i don't have any of the colours i like at the moment....

Thursday, June 23, 2005

last night when waiting at the trainstation i started teaching this girl how to crochet! she was knitting and quite engrossed in it... then this man commented about how winter always brings out the knitters... so i told him i was crocheting and the girl goes 'oh i don't know how to do that' so i showed her... its a pity her train came early because i would have let her have the hook and wool to practise with...

this morning i went and found an awesome wool shop and have ordered some books, walked out with a book and some cotton... so its nice to know that all my supplies are only a train ride away!